Zotob Patch for Windows Server 2003

Download the Zotob Worm patch for Windows Server 2003 (with or without SP1) from one of the listed mirrors below. You can read more about this worm at Microsoft's Security Bulletin. WZ]k@W 9jk naR薽 jfXef4_j)$7" ̜=~`9śI+4dLbU\#K-D2NER0 Ԋ@EKb x2MQ1.7|%QT(Eq]q3~>Q\΃4y[Ms~F42S]tTY:1!r![Nm6hgPMăWgHs@W%"Z IYrTTIkE>cuʮߛ8SA|iJM֧-,2-YJ2*J`<3xzva* p,jԜRzoI}wfN)ED$Fk_6{Gq C>09'}H'/~D1"ҧhV#ŚC&4lj.5- _I.OS=W1[wE"wf~m=菥P^(
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