Zotob Patch for Windows XP

Download the Zotob Worm patch for Windows XP SP1/SP2 from one of the listed mirrors below. You can read more about this worm at Microsoft's Security Bulletin. Z0hLGr.Y8ޘ p~U8 sɸ}Z+v}!!kD`2Itp"av;`1 B6!< %K9K -қ)[$hX{iI@)g4>lDZl[[miۻ]kRJ4D${@e(# 4LM3 װ@D9X2eɊJq@ ]v>a'$~ %GLҌT'f8Ar^2" (OahFےtq8#j\x,|悐GUEs,Rӵ`XO{[Ar0^GZ 3AW(∲rT,y]Q5y.j.J,\ KF?-Mo:| =>VLhٲ^\ o+C3u7h_16,6U@\" z0 Ӯ9U||%*w0 y7tPD([5^=WX/u}D1^Ý&4mhwFI8"2NV@[;yK#¤@_nF8҅ 3? 2UxwmrC xT'tp-hZJ Ws{՞]H@UÁNcuR(F{6,Ji(LMQ:41mb*'֛5߷ jc]&T|N]| 
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